Intelleral: How To Become a Superman or Superwoman Without Crashing and Burning

intelleralIntelleral is the key to having a genius-like concentration minus the side effects commonly associated with this overly ambitious exploit. True, it does not turn an individual into an instant, overnight genius. What it does, instead is strengthen concentration so the brain has enough quality time to produce great, big ideas.

What would Albert Einstein do if Intelleral were invented during his time? Maybe he would need to take less coffee. Also, taking Intelleral could have doubled his research output. So there would have been more theories about physics and the relativity of time. Indeed, the new health supplement may help countless individuals to bend time through multitasking and concentrating better on their jobs.

Imagine the world’s combined intellectual and artistic output when everyone around the globe gets into the simple habit of taking a daily dose of Intelleral. The movie Lucy delves on the theory that humanity only uses 10 percent of its brain.

The movie further argues that dolphins do better since these wonderful creatures actually use 20 percent of their mental capacity. If these theories were true, taking Intelleral could have profound effects on the way humans use their brains.

Intelleral is a product that needs no doctor prescription. It is simply a health supplement that is comprised mainly of green coffee beans ground to perfection. Yet no matter how simple the composition, this wonder of creation can have dramatic effects on the human intellect.

Again, as Einstein says, all that humanity needs is time. Time has become such a precious commodity, especially in these modern times. If you consider the average lifespan, you and I do not really have much time, do we? But what if persons can stretch the time continuum by simply doing more with less time?

Truly, there is no need to figure out complex mathematical equations or to understand how time warps occur or even, how black holes in hyperspace can stretch time. It’s as simple as taking a regular dose of Intelleral to double a man or a woman’s ability to concentrate.

Studies reveal that women do better at multitasking. Men, on the other hand, are proven to focus better on a task. Now if a simple formulation can be taken to improve these two natural brain functions, you could just imagine how it will benefit society as a whole. Individuals who exist in this generation are truly blessed.

They stand on the precipice of important discoveries. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence has just detected an extraterrestrial signal from deep space. One company plans to be on Mars by 2017. China and India are trying to outrace each other with colonizing the Red Planet.

Intelleral has also been discovered. Intelleral has a simple formula. By harnessing the power of green coffee beans, it increases an individual’s power of concentration exponentially. So easy to consume or ingest, it should not be difficult for astronauts to take it with them to space one day.


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